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A watch was once something only the privileged had the opportunity to wear. Today a watch is a given complementary fashion statement and serves as an important way of expressing what you stand for, your values and what you represent.

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The Perfect Window in Time

Our domed sapphire crystal requires a long and expensive procedure in order to develop into the shock and scratch resistant glass it is. To understand its attributes and durability, you can compare it with diamond. While the sapphire glass has a value of 9, the diamond has a value of 10 in regards to Moh's scale of mineral hardness.

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Trusted for Decades

The Vanguard Collection’s body is made of 316L stainless steel, a grade of stainless steel containing a very low carbon content making it resistant to any kinds of corrosive elements. Due to its attributes 316L stainless steel is commonly used for industrial and pharmaceutical equipment and has been trusted for decades.

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Powered through Japanese Excellence

Under the hood of our watch is the Automatic Miyota 8217 movement, a kinetic energy powered, unidirectional winding movement with 21 jewels and parashock shock protection, with accuracy rated at -20 to +40 seconds per day and a power reserve of more than 40 hours. What does this mean? Your Jon Oscar timepiece is powered by an incredibly sophisticated movement that requires no batteries and keeps ticking day after day by only taking a few steps now and then. In addition, we created this timepiece to be a travelers watch. The movement we chose has control over a 24 hour circle that simultaneously ticks away the day hour by hour. This allows a user to view their time in both a 12 hour and 24 notation at a glance.