From the moment of our inception, we knew Jon Oscar was going to be a brand that had philanthropy rooted deep within the company. Both founders care deeply about an array of causes, and this dire need to give back courses through the veins of everyone who's ever been involved with Jon Oscar. We hope to inspire others to live with similar values because each step in this direction, is a step towards creating a spectacular legacy. 

Why is philanthropy important? Many people help out from time to time at charities or other similar ventures. This is a wonderful gesture and an act that the noblest of hearts pursue. However, charity tends to be a more temporary means to give back that focused on aiding the suffering brought forth by social issues, whereas philanthropy ardently pursues eliminating these social problems. 

This is why we chose to plant trees. Legacy is defined by 'something transmitted by or received from an ancestor, predecessor, or from the past.' What better way to start a legacy by being responsible for the planting of a tree that will live for generations upon generations. Read more about why trees here.