Why Trees? J.O. for a Sustainable Future

Why Trees? J.O. for a Sustainable Future

February 12, 2019

We here at Jon Oscar are passionate about the outdoors, travel, and working towards a more sustainable future. Facing the dire fact that “80% of the world’s forests already destroyed”, we wanted to make a difference and find a way to push back.

Jon Oscar is proud to partner with the non-profit One Tree Planted and will plant a tree for every watch sold. One Tree Planted plants trees across the globe and is making a difference in the ongoing fight with climate change.

One Tree Planted also plants trees in our home state of Colorado. These efforts are helping reduce the impact of wildfires, protect the water supply, and preserve native trees. Last year, seven thousand trees were planted on Earth day in Fourmile Canyon which was in desperate need of reforestation efforts after the 2010 wildfire. If you would like to become a “Tree Ambassador” with One Tree Planted, simply follow this link to get started.

Leave A Legacy

The Difference One Tree Can Make Do you know the impact of one tree? How will your purchase affect the world? A single adult tree can provide oxygen for up to 4 people a day*, improves overall air quality, and can become home to hundreds of different animal species. “One tree can also absorb as much as48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year” which is critical in helping counteract global warming.

As you can see, your purchase of a Jon Oscar watch goes beyond yourself. You will be helping fight the ongoing battle with climate change, deforestation, and the human impact on our natural world.

Want To Get Involved?

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https://www.precisiontreemn.com/tips/14-fun-facts-about-trees.html *https://www.fs.fed.us/blogs/power-one-tree-%E2%80%93-very-air-we-breathe

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