Why Every Company Should Give Back

Why Every Company Should Give Back

March 18, 2019

In a world where nearly everything is accessible via a couple clicks on our smart devices or computers, companies have fought wide and hard to make a difference for themselves. Some do outrageous marketing ploys, while others slash their prices exponentially trying to win over that particular customer. However, there is one trend that is slowly taking over the market, and it’s a beautiful thing called social responsibility. This notion is the realization that it’s not mere individuals that run society, but it is essentially the companies that govern it. Jon Oscar is happily joining in this trend with our strong beliefs and philanthropic measures.

With this being said, companies have a responsibility to set an example and put their best foot forward when it comes to social impact. In many ways, companies that value altruism and philanthropy are seen to be of higher standard than those who adhere to other standards of business. As a society we have transcended away from focusing purely on the bottom line and have been awaken to see that there are other things in life that hold a strong value to the businesses around us. This responsibility is met by a growing number of companies who vow to give back one way or another.

From Coca-Cola to IBM, large corporations are jumping on the band wagon to seek out making a difference and inspire change. In turn, new companies feel this sway of heart and write altruism deep into the core of their company’s mantra. Their are those who believe the term “Social Enterprise” will one day be forgotten, as any company who doesn’t value social causes will swiftly fall behind.

What started as an idea evolved into a vow to plant a tree with every watch sold because creating a legacy goes beyond you or me. This earth will be around here long after we’re gone and we want Jon Oscar to have a positive impact on that notion. Join in with our mission and help us make a difference today.

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