Why Buy a Jon Oscar Watch?

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Long before our launch, our team has been asked a wide variety of questions about our brand, our watch, our story, and everything in between. But time after time, our customers usually end with the ultimate question, “Why should I buy a Jon Oscar watch?”

Now, we could go deep into the rabbit hole with a plethora of answers on this one but we’d like to stay focused on the matter. We can answer this with one simple word: Quality.

Starting from day one, we researched and visited some of the best manufacturers out there in Shenzhen. We formed relationships with them and were able to speak for an extended amount of time about our vision and our goals. For over two years, we worked this relationship through research and development, creating custom molds, prototypes, and ultimately a beautiful looking timepiece. But anyone who knows watches understands that judging a watch by it’s physical looks is similar to judging a car by the exterior. What truly matters is what’s under the hood.

Design aside, our watch houses a beautiful movement that you can get a glimpse of throughout our transparent sapphire case back. How does this compare to other watches that you may own? If you’re unsure of what may sit on your wrist at this point in time, chances are you have a quartz movement, or in other words, battery powered. This classification of watches make up roughly 90% of the total market because they’re both reliable and cheap to produce. Automatic movements, on the other hand, are powered by kinetic energy and require extremely sophisticated assembly procedures. We go into depth on the details and advantages of automatic watches here in another post that can be found here.

The right watch can be the crux of a particular outfit and set the style persona for the individual wearing the piece. Our goal at Jon Oscar, is to give individuals the chance to take a step in the direction of wearing a luxury timepiece at an affordable price. We value transparency with our pieces and tell you all the details you’d like to know, and hope in return you appreciate the attention to detail and quality that we have put into building Jon Oscar to what it is today.

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