Jon Oscar in the Fashion World

Jon Oscar in the Fashion World

January 05, 2021 1 Comment

We live in a fast paced world, where technology, transportation, and an array of other means allows us to grow and thrive at an incredible pace. Through these changes, it’s easy to get sidelined only to see the world rushing by you. There are many industries that change regularly due to technology and our growing knowledge of how things work. However, there is one that has remained ever changing, but constant at the same time: fashion.

The fashion world is a conundrum in itself. There’s no other industry out there that rotates so seasonally, yet strives for quality and perfection. Through this, costs and fees can fluctuate dramatically and in the end, it can all change and fade out of style in the blink of an eye. A typical consumer is drawn to a certain style or feeling, and it’s hard to break away from that dedication. Think of a shopper in a grocery store - brand loyalty is a massive part of our decision making, so it must take a large sway to change our minds from what we know best. The one thing that can get us to change is quality and a nearly perfect product that’s hard to look by.

Watches in itself are a field that has extreme differences. As a society, we have heavily adopted the use of smart watches, but will they ever replace a high quality automatic watch? Of course not. They’re completely different products with a long list of pros and cons all different from the others. This, is why Jon Oscar’s Vanguard collection is here for the long run. A high quality watch with components that rival the best, for a price tag of $300? Style changes overtime, but quality is everlasting.

Put a Jon Oscar watch on your wrist and you instantly feel a sense of euphoric style wash over you. Whether you pair it with a suit for a wedding or a casual outfit while getting coffee, you can’t go wrong. Jon Oscar was created to adapt to your style, all while giving you a statement piece that will happily go the distance. Create your legacy!

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