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Welcome to our new series, Leaving A Legacy, where we interview individuals from all walks of life who actively live the Jon Oscar lifestyle. In this post, we interview Kyle Ginthner who has travelled to over 30 countries and operates out of Colorado as a freelance digital marketing consultant.

  1. What inspired you to travel? My parents travelled the world for 10 years before having children and started bringing my brother and I along as early as I can remember. My first real travel memories were of visiting England as a kid and being mesmerized by cultural differences. After a fishing/hiking trip to Alaska, I knew I was hooked for life. Luckily, my parents were very supportive of my travel habit and I ended up spending a month in Europe, a month in Peru, and then moved up to my longer trips around the world.
  2. How do you live the Jon Oscar lifestyle? The slogan stands out to me, especially the second half being “Time Is Limited”. There are so many people who say they love to travel and/or wish they could see the world. I plan to look back on life and reflect rather than regret. I live the Jon Oscar lifestyle in that I decided to risk it all to pursue my passion. I spent 3 months solo-backpacking Southeast Asia in my early 20’s and then 4 months backpacking around the globe in my late 20’s. Yes, I quit my job...sold everything..and just went for it. However, I have no regrets and have experiences that will fulfill me for the rest of my life.
  3. What are your top 3 places you have been? I recently returned from Indonesia and though there are some tourist-ridden spots, it is still one of the most beautiful chain of islands in the world. If you get a chance to go... be sure explore out beyond Bali and dive headfirst into the culture. Another highly trafficked area, but for good reason, is Machu Picchu, Peru. The fact a civilization was able to exist in such a remote area is mind boggling. Though you only see the main “buildings area” in photos, the surrounding landscape is just as incredible. My final choice would be Greece. I fell in love with this history-rich country on a trip with my brother and we spent two weeks exploring the food, culture, and history. We spent a night on Hydra which I highly recommend!
  4. How do you make money on the road? I get asked this a lot and the “secret” is not as glamorous as most travel blogger’s lead you to believe. The short answer is...I spend months at a time not traveling and working as a marketing consultant. However, I am my own boss, make my own hours, and have made Colorado my home base which offers unlimited outdoor adventures. If anyone out there is looking to try out this lifestyle, I recommend reading my blog post “How Can I Afford To Travel? Boot Camp!” which details strategies for saving money to travel.
  5. What Legacy have you left or plan on leaving? Through my own travels, I have inspired others to either join me or journey out on their own. I have had friends fly to Bali to hangout, given travel advice to fellow backpackers, and always encourage my friends to just go for it. I believe this is, and will remain, my legacy. The memories from a trip with a friend will outlast any gift you could ever give. I live by this policy and hope it transcends long after I am gone.

If you have any additional questions you'd like to ask Kyle, leave a comment on this post of contact us!

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  • mike on

    wonderful essay there Kylster-I hope in some small way I helped inspire you to appreciate nature and the outdoors! Mr Mike

  • Beth on

    Very nice Kyle! So proud of you!❤️

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