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Quartz, automatic, mechanical - what’s the difference and why does it matter?The market is littered with an array of watches costing anywhere from a few bucks, to hundreds of thousands of dollars. While many individuals desire to obtain a watch that catches their eye and improves their self image, true watch collectors often value something not always visible to the eye - the movement. Automatic watches are considered a big step up from the quartz due to their sophisticated components and complex mechanisms requiring a high level of craftsmanship. But are they worth it?

Mechanical movements with a self-winding ability are powered by kinetic energy via a rotor that spins with everyday motion from wearing the timepiece. In Jon Oscar’s movement, this energy is stored in a set of 21 jewels embedded in the timepiece to give it a 40 hour power reserve. While this may seem like a short period of time, as long as the wearer has the watches on for a period of time every other day, the watch will hold it’s tick. This kinetic powered ability is far more advanced than a quartz movement and as an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about the battery dying and needing to be replaced.

Additionally, many automatic movements allow for manual winding to power the watch. You can feel the subtle clicks of the gears when spinning the crown the correct direction, this in turn will ‘charge’ the timepiece for the day. All in all, this allows the most flexibility and wide variety of abilities to be present in the timepiece.

For our Vanguard Collectionwe opted to use the Miyota 8217 Automatic for a variety of reasons - a few such being the highly rated reliability and accuracy, as well as working well with our design. This particular movement is constructed with master craftsmanship and allows for the inner parts of the Vanguard Collection to perform flawlessly day after day. The unidirectional winding movement with parashock shock protection gives it a a -20 to +40 second accuracy rating that rivals the best.

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